Sunday, August 22, 2010

Windows 7 Homegroup

Well, I already said that I liked Windows 7 primarily because it just feels a lot more agile and user-friendly than Windows normally does. Indeed, it almost feels like OS X or Linux.
Today I discovered one more good thing about Windows 7 and this is Homegroup.
We have two computers running Windows 7 Ultimate in the house and two netbooks running Windows 7 Starter that arrive here now and again.
All of these computers can be very easily networked to share any type of files through Homegroup.
Additionally, we have one Windows 7 computer with a huge library of kid's movies. Using Homegroup, any other computer using Windows 7 (any version) can play the movies (or music) stored on the larger computer.
Although Homegroup only works for computers that run Windows 7, it still is great.

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