Saturday, August 21, 2010

Converting .wma files to .mp3

I've posted on this before where I displayed a nice linux script that can be used to convert any number of .wma files to .mp3.
However, then I heard that iTunes can do this so I investigated.
Actually, although I couldn't get iTunes on my MacBook to carry out this conversion, it worked perfectly in iTunes in Windows7.
I didn't even have to make any changes to the iTunes>>Edit>>Preferences>>Advanced other than making sure that the "Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to library" box was checked.
Then it's just a matter of File>>Add Folder to Library and the copying and transforming starts. However, this can take some time. I added 62 GB of music from an external harddisk to iTunes on my Windows 7 machine and this took almost 24 hours. About 70% of the music files were in .wma format.
However, although I had all my music in .mp3 format (or actually it was AAC) on my Windows machine but I wanted it on my Mac.
But this is not difficult.
Just find out the IP address of the Windows machine (type ipconfig at a DOS prompt) then on the Mac, open Finder>>Go>>Connect to Server and type in smb://192.168.1.xx where 192.168.1.xx is the IP of the Windows machine.
Now you'll be asked to input a username and password of the Windows account that you want to open on your Mac. In my experience, you HAD to have a password. In cases where I had no password and entered none, I was told that my password had expired. The only way I could overcome this hitch was to create a password.
Once you're into the Windows account, you can copy stuff from it to the Mac or add stuff from the Mac to the Windows folders.
More details are available here.

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