Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Setting up 3G internet on my iPad

When I bought my iPad last Friday, they gave me miniSim cards from two suppliers (Three and Vodafone) that would fit into my new machine.
I selected Three (aka 3) as they were cheaper (€15 per month for 15GB versus €20 for 5GB).
Setting up my 3G was very simple as follows:

1. Remove the mini-Sim chip from the card and insert into the little "drawer" in the side of the iPad
2. Call 3 (1913 from here) to get them to activate your chip (which, of course, means having your bank details ready). In my case, after I had added a very few numbers that they gave me to the iPad settings, the chip was activated in less than 2 hours.
3. To see how much of my 15GB monthly allowance I have already used, I need to enter "My3". To set this up, I had to use my 3 Mobile number and the activation code I had been given over the phone.
However, it then said that a password for My3 would be texted to my mobilephone. OK, but the number I gave does not refer to a mobile phone and my iPad cannot receive SMS messages.
So, back to 3 on the phone and I was instructed as follows:
1. On the iPad, turn off WIFI
2. Open Safari (seems this doesn't work in any other browser, although I haven't checked this)
3. In Safari, enter "three.ie" and when the page opens, click of the My3 link
4. Now, you can enter your "mobile number" but leave the password box empty.
5. This should open your account details.

I realize that this post will be of very little, if any use to anybody else. However, I like to write down anything relatively complicated that I may have done just to avoid making the same mistakes another time. So, this post is in this category.

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