Saturday, August 14, 2010

Got an iPad

Yeah, I just couldn't resist the hype so I forked out €700 on a 32 GB 3G iPad.
Initial impressions were that this is not much more than a big iPod Touch except that it has a 3G function.
However, it seems to be faster than the iPod Touch in that it powers up in 20 seconds while this takes more than a minute on the iTouch.
Also webpages seem to open faster on the iPad.
What else, oh yeah, it's so much easier to type stuff than on the iTouch which, I suppose, can't be too surprising given the relative size of the screens on the two machines.
One other pleasing point is that the full iGoogle page appears rather than just the index of all your stuff which is all that is available on the iTouch.
Well, other than that I haven't noticed a great deal of difference although I'm still glad I bought the iPad and am in no way disappointed.
Many of my favourite apps are not yet available in iPad format and I had to settle for iPhone versions of LastFM, Grooveshark and even OperaMini. The iPhone versions all work fine but the scaled-up graphics are just a little fuzzy.
However, I'm dissatisfied that a suitable browser just isn't yet available.
My (very personal) definition of a good browser is one that has tabs, speeddial and a Delicious bookmarklet (or extension).
Safari doesn't do tabs on the iPad and OperaMini in the fullscreen mode (because it's only an iPhone app) is too fuzzy.
Atomic Web Browser does tabs but that's it. Nevertheless, I was able to make bookmarks for all the webpages I wanted to include in Speeddial.
Additionally, I was able to get a Post to Delicious and My Delicious bookmarks set up as described here.
Half-assed, yes, but better than nothing.
Expect more posts as I discover more.

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