Monday, September 13, 2010

Desktop cube in Windows 7? Yes, we can with Deskspace

I've used Compiz Fusion in Ubuntu for many years. I've used it too in many other Linux distros such as OpenSUSE, Zenwalk and Fedora.
Now, a very good copy of Compiz is available for Windows 7 called Diskspace..
Works well but on my computer (Dell Dimension E520, 3GB RAM, nVidia GeForce 7300 LE) the cube rotates not quite as smoothly as the Compiz cube rotates in Ubuntu on the same machine.
Although, apparently you can get a different desktop background on all six faces of the cube, this does NOT apply to DreamScene backgrounds or to Windows 7 Themes.
Another drawback is that it's not free as is Compiz. You can get a 14 day free trial but after that it's going to cost you US$25 which seems quite steep.
I'm currently using the free trial and, not being a big Windows user, I'm very unlikely to want to splash out to keep this cube in my Windows 7 install. After all, what does it really do after the inital excitement has died down?


  1. Hi Paul,

    I'm James Stewart from Otaku Sofware, the developers of DeskSpace. Thanks a lot for trying it out and mentioning it on your blog.

    Regarding its usefulness, the main focus of DeskSpace is organizing your windows and icons on separate desktops. The 3D cube is a nice way to switch between the desktops, but most of the features concentrate on helping you extend, clean up, and organize your desktop workspace.

    As for the cost, what do you feel would be a reasonable price for Brazilian customers?

  2. Hi James
    Thanks for your comments. Yes, I can see how the availability of additional desktop may be attractive to many people. However, from a personal perspective, the only real benefit to me of the Ubuntu compiz Desktop cube is in the eye-candy department.
    Maybe I'm just not organized or productive enough. :-)
    As for what Brazilians users are likely to pay for your product (although I'm in Ireland right now), you should perhaps know that software piracy is rampant in Brazil. You can easily pick up a cracked (activated) version of whatever Windows OS you want for next to nothing. Quite honestly, extremely few home users have installed legal versions of Windows on their machines (although I have) simply because you could get a perfectly functioning version of Windows 7 Ultimate for less than the price of a coffee where I am now, if not for free.
    So, I'm not sure that too many Brazilian customers would pay anything at all for your product. Indeed, while thinking about how to reply to you, I found a torrent-based version of your product available for free.
    Sorry if this has disillusioned you but quite honestly, you'd be better off focussing on North America and Europe for the vast majority of your sales.
    Anyway, that's my view. If anybody from Brazil has a different opinion, post it here and we can argue the toss.