Saturday, September 11, 2010

Disappearing Windows 7 Gadgets

I've noticed that some of the 5 or 6 gadgets that I like to have visible on my Windows 7 desktop tend to refuse to appear now and again.
And I've noticed this on several of the computers where we have Windows 7 installed.
Annoying, yes, but luckily it's easily solved. This thread helped me a lot.
What works best for me to retrieve missing gadgets is to:
1. Right-click on the desktop
2. Click on View
3. Uncheck Show Desktop Gadgets and all of your gadgets should disappear
4. Now recheck Show Desktop Gadgets and the gadgets, including those that had gone AWOL, should all re=appear.

Alternatively, you could open Task Manager and kill sidebar.exe which similarly will cause all of the gadgets to disappear.
Now, right-click on the desktop and click on Gadgets. All gadgets should re-appear as well as a windows showing the gallery of available gadgets which can be closed.

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