Saturday, September 04, 2010

Upgraded to Maverick Meerkat on my Dell E520

Yeah, after an initial abortive attempt, I eventually got Meerkat installed where I previously had, and enjoyed, Lucid Lynx.
However, the first time I tried to download from this page (first download link called PC (Intel x86) desktop) I ended up with something called Ubuntu-10.10-Beta-DVD-i386.iso which was startlingly large at 4.1 GB.
Well, I went ahead and tried to ins tall it but the install froze when it read "Removing conflicting operating system files" and stayed there for over an hour.
Then I decided to Skip when a message told me that the installation was complete and I needed to reboot which I did.
However, the boot failed and gave a Grub Rescue prompt.
At this point, I used a GParted CD what, if anything, had been installed on my partitions including my Windows 7 and Windows XP partitions. However, while it seemed that little, if anything, had been installed on the Ubuntu / partition (although it had been wiped) but luckily no changes had been made to the Ubuntu /home or the Windows partitions.
So, I reinstalled Lucid Lynx and got everything back.
But, what the hell was that Ubuntu-10.10-Beta-DVD-i386.iso?
Here's a link to a forum post which mentions the very same failure during the install of an earlier version of Ubuntu. However, the post received no replies.
When I went back to (what I though was) the exact same link, I was able to download a 693MB Meerkat Beta iso which installed without any problems.
Other than the fact that I'm now using a 2.6.35-19 kernel, I really haven't noticed any performance difference but maybe I need a few more days.
This link outlines what's new in Meerkat and really, there's nothing that I find terribly exciting at this stage.


  1. Hello
    I'm currently installing 10.10 and I get the same issue: the installer hangs at "Removing conflicting operating system files", the 'SKip' button is disabled and 'ctrl+c' in the terminal has no effect.

    Did you make any progress in debugging this issue? Should I let my laptop overnight? Should I shut down the installer? Thanks

  2. Hi, I think I explained all of my experiences in the post. Once I had downloaded a fresh(and later beta copy) of Ubuntu 10.10, I had no problems whatsoever.
    I believe the difficulty I had was due to some kind of "glitch" in the beta that I downloaded that was quickly rectified by the developers.
    I have never, ever seen or heard of a 4GB DVD of Ubuntu so something really weird was wrong with that download.
    Not sure if that'll help you as I presume you downloaded the Release (not a Beta).
    Could it have been a bad burn?