Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bittorrent in Haiku

I really am enjoying the use of Haiku R1A2 (on my Dell E529 desktop).
For sure, it's not a smooth polished OS like OS X or Ubuntu, but it's still in Alpha and shows many unique features like very fast bootup and shutdown (14 seconds to boot, 2 seconds to shutdown), easy mounting of other OSes on the same computer and a lightening fast browser in WebPositive.
One big omission up to now is Flash.
Nevertheless, despite having a number of computers, most with multiboot systems, I am using Haiku more and more for simple day-to-day stuff.
I had tried for some time to get a working bittorrent client but had failed up to today. Neither BitTorrent nor Enhanced C Torrent worked for me in Haiku. However, Transmission 0.7.0 looked like it might work with some encouragement in that it started off fine, but once it had connected to the first seeder it went into pause from which I couldn't get it to emerge.
So, I posted to the Haiku forum and was directed to the OptionalPackage list in Haiku which contains Transmission 1.9.3 and this worked perfectly.
Installation involves typing the following in a terminal

optionalpackageinstall transmission

when everything, including all of the required dependencies will be installed.
This version of Transmission has no GUI in Haiku but it can be easily operated by simply typing


when the default browser will open with all you need to run Transmission.

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