Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Compiling Qt in Haiku

I'm still trying to get the QtWebKit browser Arora to work without crashes in Haiku as I've already mentioned.
I had posted to the Haiku forum on this issue and got some useful replies. One of these was to compile/install both Qt and Arora from source in the version of Haiku which I was using.
To compile Qt I used this howto from
I tried it first in Haiku R1A2 where it failed to compile either after selecting gcc2 or gcc4.
Then I downloaded and installed haiku-nightly-r39848-x86gcc4hybrid on the other "haiku partition" on the Dell E520.
Here, I successfully compiled and installed Qt 4.7.1 according to the above howto. Everything went without errors. Note that the whole operation took about 4 hours with the compile (after "make") taking more than 3 hours.
Next I tried to compile Arora 0.11.0 using the source code from here.
The procedure I used to compile was to download and then expand with tar -zxvf.
I then cd'ed to the folder produced by the expansion and issued a "qmake" command. This worked very quickly without errors.
Next I ran the "make" command and this proceded for about 20 minutes but ended in an error (which I forgot to note down).
Nevertheless, I then tried a "make install" which seemed to, at least, do something. However, at the end, no Arora app was "findable" so obviously the compile error was serious.
So, I installed Arora 0.11.0 from SPM and this seemed be considerably more stable. I did a lot of bookmarking and setup work for about 20 minutes before the first crash (again gdb announced the crash occurred immediately after loading as before).
I even went so far as to post a reply to the forum thread which went without a hitch.
However, as I mentioned in the thread, I also tried QtWeb on the same nightly (after compiling/installin Qt) but this performed considerably worse than Arora in that it seemed to crash with the same frequency as before the compile.
Is Arora really that wonderful that it's worth all of this trouble?
Well, I like its Bookmarks Bar which I use much as I use speeddial in Opera for my favorite web pages. This allows one-click opening of websites which is very convenient for me.
Other than that, I'm not seeing anything particularly appealing in terms of speed or other features.
So, I think I'm just doing this work because of the intellectual challenge.
Next I might just try the Qt and Arora compiles in a gcc2hybrid nightly. Also, perhaps I'll email the author of Arora to explain my problems. Maybe he'll have some comments.

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