Friday, December 17, 2010

More on the Arora browser in Haiku

The more I use it, the more I'm getting to like Arora.
It's fast, as I've already said and I'm discovering new features all the time.
For example, right-clicking anywhere on a webpage offers you a choice of going Back or Refreshing the page. So you don't anymore have to move the mouse cursor up to the top and remember where the button you're looking for resides.
Right-clicking on the Tabs bar provides the opportunity to Add a Tab, Refresh all Tabs or Bookmark all Tabs.
Right-clicking on the Bookmarks bar offers you the chance to Add a Bookmark or a Folder.
Another useful feature deals with the slider at the RH side. If you use the mouse to bring this slider to the very top of its range, then without releasing the left mouse button, moving the mouse cursor up and down the page causes scrolling. To prevent this scrolling, just release the LH mouse button.
Yes, a lot to like but it still crashes as before. However, I'm bound to say that the frequency of crashing seems a lot less than before. Is this due to the Qt compile that I did? Or is it because whatever is the cause of the crashing applies principally to the newly launched browser.
I think I may soon install a more recent nightly (currently using r39848 gcc4hybrid) and this time, I'll just install Qt froim SPM and see do I notice any difference with Arora 0.11.0 performance.
Additionally, I was able to drag the Delicious bookmarking buttons from this page to Arora's bookmark bar and both work perfectly. I used Chrome's buttons but I don't know whether any of the others work or not.
Unfortunately, Delicious may not be around for much longer so I'm currently looking to Diigo as a replacement. Soon, I try to get similar Diigo buttons on Arora.
Incidentally, I emailed the author of Arora yesterday about the crashing problem but have not received a reply yet.

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