Sunday, December 05, 2010

TiltOS for Haiku

Just came across TiltOS by chance the other day and of course I had to try it out.
From what I can gather it's basically a repo of largely KDE based apps configured for installatiion under Haiku OS. It uses the box system for app installation which is new to me.
The repo is here so you can see what's available for installation.
Well, I tried Gimp, Abiword, KDEgames and KOffice.
Gimp didn't work although the XServer window opened after I typed


nothing appeared in this window after I typed
export DISPLAY=:0

although no error message appeared other than some inconsequential stuff about RANDR.
However, Abiword did work and showed up in the XServer window. The only problem here was that Abiword had some gross problem with spacing between the letters which essentially made it unusable.
The game, such as it was, called klines did work smoothly however.
Then I tried KOffice and installed it simply by
box -i koffice --no-deps

Without including the "--no-deps" switch, the install errors out.
Apparently, the KOffice suite includes only KWord and Kpresenter and not KSpread.
To run KWord requires first running
eval `dbus-launch --auto-syntax`

and then

Well, it does work --sometimes--. About half the time I tried it, I got the dreaded kdl. But when it did work, it actually worked well.
I have no idea why it kdl'ed half the time. But this really does mitigate against it being thought of as a useful addition to Haiku's armoury of apps.
I tried KPresenter and this seemed to work too although I didn't try it often enough to know if kdl was a problem here too.
All-in-all, TiltOS was a disappointment as basically nothing of value worked.
Now, I'm using Haiku R1A2 which is a gcc2 hybrid OS. As TiltOS is based on gcc4, this may be part of the problem.
Perhaps, I'll try it again with a gcc4 hybrid nightly.

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