Monday, December 06, 2010

Useful Haiku utility provides much hardware info

The utility called HaikuPC-info in Haikuware provides a very handy means of reading off an awful lot of information about the CPU, PCI devices, resources currently in use and disk drives.
It's actually just BePC-info2 and doesn't seem to have been updated since 2004.
Nevertheless, it does work but only if you do it right.
The Install instructions says to Open the Settings folder and then drop the folder named BePC-Info2 into another called Drop Here.
However, when I did this, BePC-Info2 invariably crashed on launch.
The secret to get it to work is, after dropping the BePC-Info2 folder into Drop Here, to "Then copy all files from /boot/home/config/settings/BePC-Info2/BePC-Info2-settings to /boot/home/config/settings/BePC-Info2/".
After this just go back to /boot/BePC-Info2 and double-click on BePC-Info2 when it should work.
I got this tip from the comment by vercu, posted on 2009-02-01 in the comments to the above link.

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