Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Another (potentially) great 3D game in Haiku

After being very pleased with how PrBoom performs in Haiku (r39963 gcc2hybrid), I wanted to try out some more.
So today I stumbled across TORCS which is available from Haikuware.
This downloads as a .7z file which you can easily open (to /boot) by the following command

7za x torcs.7z

assuming you run the command from the directory where torcs.7z is (e.g. Desktop).
Now to get it running, I kept getting some missing libs errors (specifically libalut.so.0 and libplib.so)
Now both files were actually available in /boot/apps/torcs/lib/torcs/lib/ but they were both had no registered size when I examined in Tracker. However, in both cases, there were similarly named files that DID have a size in MB or kB so it seems that there has been some upgrades that the bin file hasn't got wind of.
In any event, I was able to overcome the problem by simply symlinking the active file to the lib file designated as "missing" by
ln -s libalut.so.0.1.0 libalut.so.0

(and this command was run from the /boot/apps/torcs/lib/torcs/lib/ directory).
Now the game runs fine (I ran it from a terminal) but, while the graphics are great, the movement is extremely jerky with fps well less than one. In other words the game is unplayable.
I presume this is a graphics driver problem so I'll probably post to the forum to see if anybody knows a fix. Haikuware does actually mentions needing "Rudolf 3D drivers for best fps" so I'll probably try those out before posting to the forum.
Additionally, the Options for this game allow the screen size to be increased up to a whopping 1920x1200 and the quality of the graphics remains superb even at this size.
Note that to get the larger sizes, you need to choose what you want in the Display Options and apply when the game will quit. Just start it again to get the larger screen size.
Unfortunately, the fps is even slower (more like frames-per-minute) at the larger sizes.
But this looks so great it's definitely work a little work to see if I can get it to be actually playable.

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