Monday, January 03, 2011

Sound in Haiku on Dell E520

I've posted before (here and here) on how to configure my audio card (Intel 82801H/ICH8) for sound in Haiku OS.
Unfortunately, Haiku's HDA driver doesn't yet work for ICH8 sound cards, so I use OSS.
Problem is that every time I try to set up my sound card on a new Haiku nightly, I run into frustrating difficulties.
So, I'm going to outline the procedure yet again with more focus on the necessary details this time.
This is how I got sound working on my E520 using Haiku r39983 gcc2hybrid.
1. Install OSS v4.2 using SPM
2. Reboot
3. Go to Deskbar>>Preferences>>Media
4. In left pane>>Audio Settings, Select Intel HD Audio for BOTH Audio input and Audio output. Then select Output 0 (raw) for the Channel
5. In the left pane, select Intel HD Audio, and make sure all volume controllers in the right pane are turned fully up and NOT muted
6. Go to /boot/system/add-ons/kernel/drivers/bin and use the mv command to change the name of hda to hda.disabled
7. Reboot
8. Try the sound

Note that even without disabling the hda driver, you should still hear sound although it is poor quality and very "jittery". After the disable, sound quality should be fine.
I had mentioned before that I had also needed to disable a further audio driver (auich) to get audio to work in Haiku on this computer.
However, this seems to have been erroneous as I didn't at all need to do this on this occasion.

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