Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Haiku OS now supports printing

I'm using Haiku nightly gcc2-hybrid 40448 and I can print to my Epson Stylus 415SX.
This forum post, although not primarily about printing at all, does mention the topic around about post #25 or so.
As mentioned in the post, I chose the gutenprint driver from Preferences>>Printing, and after selecting my printer and then configuring the page I wanted to print, hit the print button and everything worked fine.
Well, I have to admit that my printer isn't actually printing right now (ink cartridge problem), but my printer, at Haiku's prompting, did everything that could be expected of a printer without functioning ink system.
This is another huge step for Haiku and, although, it's still in Alpha and there's a lot missing, for me, who doesn't do any serious office work (documents, spreadsheets although Google Docs works fine for my spreadsheets in Web+), it really is close to becoming my primary OS.
I think, now that I can print, that the only thing I'm missing is flash. In addition, although I like Web+, I think it needs to be a little more power-browser friendly. I like to have all of my favorite pages available as favicon-only bookmarks in a bookmarks bar. This is what I use in Stainless and OmniWeb on my Mac and in Midori in FreeBSD.
I really prefer this to the speeddial introduced by Opera a few years ago.

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