Friday, March 25, 2011

Haiku web server

As I've mentioned before in this blog, the python SimpleHTTPServer works perfectly in Haiku and I really don't need anything more.
Nevertheless, I came across this post to Haikuware this morning and just had to try it out.
First step is to download the RobinHood server from here.
The file downloads as a .pkg file which is easy to install using the /boot/system/apps/packageinstaller.
The next step according to the post is "Once is installed and you have unzipped my archive inside /home".
Well, what is "my archive" zip file? This didn't appear anywhere that I could find after the install.
After this, the post instructs us to "go to /home/web and drag the configuration file of RobinHood - "virtual_hosts" - inside the folder 'Drag "virtual_hosts" here!'.
Well (again!), there is a file named VirtualHosts.html in /boot/apps/RobinHood/docs but there is not /home/web directory.
Obviously, it's easy to make a /home/web directory but I gave up at this stage and started looking at the poorman server which it is suggested does the same thing as RobinHood.
An advantage with poorman is that it is installed by default in Haiku. Additionally, extensive documentation is available describing its use.
As instructed when launching it, I made a file called index.html and included it in /boot/home/public_html/.
However, I never did find out what good this offers as it never seems to get updated with the index of files in the ~/public_html directory.
Indeed, until I artificially included some text in the index.file, it was hard to know if I was receiving anything from my Haiku computer to my Mac where I added the IP of the Haiku machine in a browser tab.
Nevertheless, the PoorMan settings options allows you to select "Send file listing if there's no start page" and this showed what I wanted -- a list of the available files.
And these files I could download and use on the Mac -- at least sometimes. Other times, for reasons as yet inexplicable, the selected file just didn't download.
Based on this very limited test, I've seen nothing here to encourage me to drop the python SimpleHTTTPServer which always works.
Nevertheless, I'm going to email the guy who posted about the benefits of the RobinHood server to see if he can help me to get RobinHood to work for me.

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