Friday, March 25, 2011

Sound with Creative SB X-Fi in FreeBSD

Even though I came across a 4Front site indicating that this sound card is not supported by OSS (at least not in 2009), I was able to get sound on my Dell Dimension 9200 using FreeBSD 8.2
However, al was not well as I always had to run
before I got any sound.
Worse, sometimes (maybe 50% of time) after running the soundon command, the whole system froze and I had to hard reboot.
Well, including *oss_enable="YES"* in /etc/rc.conf resolved that problem.
So, now I have sound without running the soundon command and I've had no freezing up to this.
Nevertheless, this thread suggests that freezing might well be a problem. Unfortunately the post remains unanswered, so I could be in trouble if it does start freezing. Let's see.


  1. Have you had any further trouble with this (i.e. random freezing) or has it remained fairly stable. I've just recently installed FreeBSD 8.2 (I'm a FreeBSD noob) and I'm hoping to get sound through my SB X-Fi too.

  2. Unfortunately, I have not used FreeBSD on this particular machine since getting it set up -- I'm spoiled for choice so don't get to use everything with regularity-- so can't really answer your question.
    Your best bet is to post on the FreeBSD forum ( where there are some very knowledgable people who may be able to help you.