Wednesday, March 02, 2011

iPad virtual keyboard disappears while entering search terms

I think the iPad is great. It's amazingly easy to use, very portable and there's really very little that I do on a computer that I can't do on my iPad. Indeed, I can even do more such as 3G surfing on a train.
And this is even before I've seen, let alone purchased, the iPad2.
Nevertheless, one thing that I found annoying about the iPad was that when doing a google search in iGoogle, the virtual keyboard (the only on I use) kept disappearing.
So, I'd type maybe two letters and the keyboard just goes. To get it back I would have to touch the search bar again. But this process could go on for even some minutes which is inconvenient to say the least.
I found this thread that refers to the same problem where the need to let the search page load fully before typing was emphasized as a solution. Even so, there wasn't total agreement on this.
My own investigation has convinced me however, that this explanation is correct. As my iGoogle page has a lot of stuff that's constantly being updated, I may need some time before the iGoogle page is fully loaded.
One way around the problem are to just wait till iGoogle fully loads and the circling indicator in the top left corner of the screen has gone.
The other way is to use the Classic Home page for google instead of the feature-laden iGoogle page.

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