Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Haiku decoration in ZevenOS upgraded to Natty

That title may well be difficult to understand, and therefore attract no readers, unless you've been involved in similar problems in upgrading ZevenOS 3.0 to Natty Narwhal.
These earlier posts explain where I'm coming from.
Additionally, this forum thread provides most of the details.
Now, as the screenshot shows, ZevenOS after upgrading to Natty, looks very much like Haiku while maintaining the vastly superior functionality of Ubuntu Natty.
To get this far, the principal steps were:
1. Waiting for fix of Deskbar so it showed in Natty
2. Uninstalling gnome-panel and adding unity-2d-panel to Startup applications
3. Choose ZevenOS session at login

However, a significant problem is that the unity-launcher, the unity-2d-panel and the Deskbar seem to be getting in each others' way as the unity panel is either covering part of the launcher or the deskbar, or else is being covered by these others.

All-in-all, it's hard to see what ZevenOS offers that's not already available in Ubuntu other than the likeness to Haiku. Certainly, it's great to get an idea of what Haiku may look like in years to come. But, I doubt if I'm going to do any serious work in ZevenOS when I have Ubuntu and LinuxMint available on the same machine.
Nevertheless, I'll explore it a bit more thoroughly before finally dismissing it little more than a curiosity.

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