Thursday, June 23, 2011

Haiku R1A3 -- Space availability problem

So, far I've installed Haiku R1A3 in thee different partitions on my newly rejuvenated EeePC 901.
In the case of two of the installs, the space taken up by the OS was way above the 700-800 MB I expected. Indeed, it was about 2GB in excess which, when you only have 20 GB in total on this machine, is not to be sniffed at.
Now I'd come across a similar problem before which I posted about here.
The problem arises from Haiku creating a swap file at /boot/common/var/swap in response to Virtual Memory being enabled in Preferences.
On the last occasion, the solution was to delete the swap file and disable Virtual Memory.
However, this time that didn't seem to work. Even after several reboots, the extra "phantom" 2GB disk space was still unavailable.
Strangely, the FreeSpace app showed in its fan that less than 50MB of space was available, yet on a partition of 2.81 GB, the /boot directory took up only 718 MB of space.
In other words, the missing 2GB wasn't identified.
Not only that but when I tried to scp over some music albums, the second one wasn't accepted because of a lack of space.
So, this was getting serious.
If I couldn't resolve this, my partition of nearly 3GB would be almost unusable due to an "imaginary" space shortfall.
So, I re-read this thread that had essentially allowed me to resolve the problem before and noticed the recommendation to run the command /checkfs in a terminal to clean up any loose ends after deleting /boot/common/var/swap and disabling Virtual Memory.
My partition is named /haiku so I ran the command

checkfs /haiku

and this did the trick. I suddenly had 2GB more space.

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