Monday, June 27, 2011

A roadblock in getting OS X onto my EeePC 901

Yes, this is starting to look more complicated.
Because GParted had some difficulty dealing with the new partition to which I "restored" the GUID partition to which I installed Snow Leopard on the Philips External HD, I reinstalled it to the external but this time I used a MBR partition scheme.
Just to mention that once I had "restored" the GUID partition to the MBR partition scheme on the EeePC, GParted (both USB key and on Ubuntu's partition) crashed almost immediately.
This seems a common problem as this example shows and all seem related to OS X in some way.
Using gdisk from a terminal showed MBR and Invalid GPT.
The only way I could get GParted to work again on the netbook was by deleting (using fdisk "d" option) the new partition.

I then created a MBR partition scheme partition on the Philips drive and installed Snow Leopard to it as before. This went smoothly.
Unfortunately, it just wouldn't boot.
So, it seems that some points in the guide I'm using, which are mentioned but without any particular emphasis, are indeed vital to the success of the venture. A GUID partition scheme seems indispensable.

But, once you've created the working OS on the external HD, you need to create a GUID partition on the EeePC, install Chameleon bootloader and then copy over the partition from the external to the netbook.
But to get a GUID partition, you need to create a GUID disk or, in other words, delete everything from the disk.
As OS X is certainly going to be larger than the 4GB size of the smaller ssd on this machine, it means wiping the larger disk.
So what about multibooting with OS X as one of the OSes?

Relevant points in this venture are:
-- I've already run Ubuntu (and quite a few more OSes) on my MacBook with a GUID disk using rEFIt to boot everything.
-- If I get to copy over OS X to a single GUID partition on the netbook, I can use GParted to reduce the size of the OS X partition thus leaving room for Haiku and perhaps Ubuntu /home with Ubuntu / on the smaller ssd. I've already used GParted to reduce my 155 GB partition on the External drive to 100 GB and it still booted.
-- However, I'm not sure that Chameleon will boot Haiku although I've come across posts that say it does. Nevertheless, for me, Chameleon never picked up Haiku although it identified everything else on both the EeePC and external drive. However, a HD symbol in the boot menu (no name) brought me to the Grub menu which allowed Haiku to boot. Don't understand why that worked, however.
-- Another thing I'm not sure about is how to clone what I've got on the external drive to the, probably much smaller. EeePC ssd. SuperDuper has a free version that excludes more complicated options so, as what I'm doing is about as simple as it gets, I should avoid having to pay for it.

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