Monday, June 27, 2011

Upgraded RAM on EeePC 901

I've been happily using my netbook with the 1GB, that came with it, for three years.
Today I finally went ahead and installed a 2GB stick (200Pin, DDR2 SODIMM 256MX64 PC2 5300 from Crucial, €25 incl Delivery).
Installation was very simple and took less than a minute.
It's important to push the stick into place until the clips at each side, which you need to open to get the installed stick out, both snap back into place to secure the new RAM stick.
If those clips don't snap cleanly to their correct location (difficult to describe but you'll know it when you see it) then something is wrong and your system probably won't boot.
OK, 2GB RAM installed, where's the speed?
Well, it seems that rumours of miraculous EeePC speed improvements as a result of a RAM upgrade have been greatly exaggerated because I honestly have noticed no change. Certainly, booting to any of the three OSes was any way different.
In normal Desktop operation, too, no real difference was evident although, if pushed, I could probably make a minor case for browsing being perhaps a little faster.
Note that the 2GB was clearly mentioned in the BIOS and this command also shows 2048MB of RAM.

sudo dmidecode --type 17

I posted to the EeePC forums about this hoping that someone would contradict me but, so far, no.

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