Saturday, August 13, 2011

Avoid app resume in OS X Lion

I like the "almost touchscreen" features in Lion such that you use the touchpad to quickly move between workspaces including the Dashboard, scroll up or down on a page and, by deftly squeezing the touchpad, show all of your available apps.
One thing I don't like about Lion, however, is that apps that you just happened to have opened, but weren't really using, open up again on a reboot.
I prefer to start with a clean slate. If I need anything open, I can one-click it in the dock -- what could be simpler.
But how do you persuade Lion's much vaunted "resume" feature to butt out?
This post explains most of what you beed to know.
As I didn't, and still don't, want anything at all to open on reboot, I shutdown all apps, then clicked on my main disk and then Users>username>Library.
Next I right-clicked on the Saved Application State folder, then Get Info and checked the box marked Locked.
So, now changes could no longer be made to any applications Saved State and all were locked in a "shutdown" state.
Easy? Yes, but that's still not enough.
There are two other means by which apps will startup on boot.
One is System Preferences > Users & Groups > username > Login Items
and this is explained in this guide which, although somewhat out of date, is enough to outline what needs to be done.
The second is by right-clicking on a dock icon, choosing options and checking the Open at Login option.
So, to ensure nothing starts up when you next reboot, these latter two items need to be addressed also.

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