Sunday, August 14, 2011

Watch YouTube videos in Haiku OS

Haiku OS does not yet support flash or HTML5 so you cannot watch YouTube videos.
Of course, there are always ways around these sorts of temporary omissions. Greentube is one although it seems neither relaible nor consistent to me in the few times I've tried it.
I've noticed another in Haikuware called YAVTD but I haven't tried this one.
However, I saw a post to the Haiku forum today which suggested yet another means to download YouTube videos which can subsequently be played with Haiku's Media Player (or VLC).

The steps are:
1. Browse to in WebPositive
2. Search of the video you want to download and find its URL (suppose it's
3. Remove the "www." from the URL and replace with "ss" so you'll get
4. Copy this modified URL and enter it into the address bar of a new WebPositive tab
5. The actual URL of the video you want will appear in an address bar in the site that opens. Click on the blue play button to the right of the address bar and then choose the download format you want (FLV, MP4 or WebM)
6. Now your video should start downloading

I've done this quite a few times and it's always worked well. I should mention that the site itself seems a bit on the dodgy side but for this simple job it hasn't given me any problems.

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