Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Growl 1.3.1 doesn't support Last.fm

This is my first post for a very long time as I was in Brazil for about a month.
I have to say that I had some disappointing, but by no means tragic, experiences and my enduring love for Brazil is somewhat dented as a result.
Maybe, however, it's just that the more I learn about the human race, the more disenchanted I become and perhaps it's unfair to ascribe my bad experiences to just one country.

Anyway, back to computer stuff.
I've used the free version of Growl (version 1.2.2) notifier for Mac for a long time. However, in truth, I really only found it useful for notifying me of track changes in Last.fm.

So, when I finally succumbed to the frequent nag-screens asking me to upgrade to the new Growl (1.3.1) which now costs US$1.99, I was taken aback to find that Last.fm notifications no longer work. Of course, this was noticed by others and the problem seems to be on the Last.fm side.
I spent quite some time looking for a solution, or even an alternative notifier, for this problem but came up blank.
Nothing for it but to reinstall Growl 1.2.2 which you can get from here as a .dmg file.
Now, I have my notifications back and I'm happy, very happy despite the loss of US$1.99 (or €1.53 here).

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