Thursday, December 29, 2011

Keymap switcher in Haiku

I type in both English and Brazilian Portuguese on my Mac which is where I do the majority of my work.
OS X puts a convenient icon in the upper panel from where I can very easily switch from one keymap to the other.
I describe here how I set this up on the Mac.
Well, now I can do exactly the same in Haiku on both my EeePC and my Dell E520.
However, you need to be just a little careful.
First, Haikuware provides a download link for the keymap switcher here. However, although I could get the keymap selector in the deskbar, it just didn't work.
Similarly, this link to a Haiku Keymap Switcher similarly doesn't provide a workable switcher.
What solved the problem for me was a comment in the Haikware page which suggested using nothing more than the command

installoptionalpackage -a keymapswitcher
It is very important, however, to remove ALL files and folders referring to either Switcher of KeymapSwitcher before doing the install as interference may occurr.
Also, the hotkey must be used and NOT clicking the deskbar indicator as in OS X.
Very useful addition if you use more than one language on your box.

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