Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Transmit: a quality FTP client for OS X

I use SoloFTP to set up an FTP server on Haiku (post R1A3) and it works well in connecting to the in-built FTP client on my Mac (Lion).
However, while SoloFTP readily allows files/folders to be transferred to the Mac, the FTP client doesn't allow uploads.
But, Transmit (4.1.7) readily overcomes this problem.
Indeed, Transmit, which is not inexpensive at US$34, is a quality piece of software.
Moving anything from the server to the client, or vice-versa, is a piece of cake.
The Transmit window (on the Mac) provides lists of files/folders in both server and client which are just waiting to be double-clicked to send them from one to the other.

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