Friday, January 06, 2012

FTP server for Haiku

Having described how well the FTPpositive FTP client works in Haiku, I next tried out the SoloFTP server for Haiku.
This too works well at least in connecting to the Mac client.
In addition, I could easily connect to Solo in Haiku r43592 on my Dell E520 from NcFTP in Ubuntu 11.10 on my EeePC901.
NcFTP is a very nice command line FTP client with an extensive command list.
The get and put commands allow you to download from the server to the client and vice versa.
More and more, Haiku looking very versatile.
Now, if only we had flash or HTML5 so we could watch streaming video, and the WebPositive browser was a little more modernized (bookmarks always visible in bookmarks bar) there might be little reason why Haiku could not become my preferred Desktop.

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