Wednesday, March 12, 2008

ArchLinux -- trying it out.

I had for a long time wanted to look at Arch Linux because it sems to have a good reputation, has very detailed documentation, wikis, handbooks and how-tos as well as a lively forum.
So, I downloaded Arch Linux i686-2007 08-2 Core, burnt it to a CD (its only about 160MB) and installed it on the Philips external usb HDD.
It booted fine but it turns out that what you install from the CD is only a text-only system. A lot more work is required to get the GUI.
There's a nice beginners guide here which I'm in the process of reading.
I posted already t the forum and got two replies within about 30 minutes. So, it's living up to it's reputation.
However, I'm having some problems getting the /etc/X11/xorg.conf set up which means I don't have the GUI desktop yet.
But, if I don't have it by this time tomorrow I'll be very surprised.

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