Thursday, March 13, 2008

Good ArchLinux progress

Quite some progress today with ArchLinux.
Got Compiz-Fusion running from here. I used the git version because I wanted to get the 3D windows.
This all went very smoothly and even fusion-icon cube was included in the install.
The only problem I had was that ccsm wouldn't open from the FI cube. It also didn't open from Kmenu nor from a terminal. However, the terminal errored out with some comments about a locale problem.
I got some help from the ArchLinux forum here where more details are provided and how it was resolved.
I also installed AWN very simply just by

pacman -S avant-window-navigator

This worked perfectly other than the fact that no applets are available.
So, I downloaded the awn-extras-applets-0.2.6.tar.gz and tried to configure. However, ran into a succession of missing dependency problems (things like python-alsaaudio, python-feedparser). All of these I installed until I got to gtkmozembed. Couldn't get this anywhere.
Various suggestions were to try things like gnome-python2-extras and python-gnome but couldn't get past this point in the configuration.
I may have better luck tommorow as this awn-extras package seems to be available in AUR. So, I'll try that.
Otherwise, I'll try the ArchLinux forums which have very quickly resolved all of my problems thoroughly and professionally up top now.
Also got DNS servers fixed, while maintaining DHCP, by use of the -R option which I had never heard of before. It's all explained here in this thread.
It's quite amazing how slow Opera is if I just use the "generic" DNS (which is the router address). Konqueror is just as bad. When I change to "real" servers (in particular, the openDNS adresses -- and things speed up phenomenonaly.

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