Sunday, March 23, 2008

Liberated 3.9 GB free space in XP

One thing I don't like about Windows is the amount of maintenance you need to do every time you go into the OS. So, today, in XP, I was nagged to do a complete OneCare tune-up which took over an hour. Then I had to do a defrag.

However, the tune-up complained that it wasn't set up to do a diskclean and I should do this separately. So I went Start>Accessories>DiskCleanup and let it do it's analysis. I was amazed to find it could liberate 5GB of space, the majority of which would result from the compression of old files.

So, I did this and it liberated in total 3.9GB (a bit less than predicted but still very unexpected). And this is on a partition of only 14.7 GB so that's 27% of the total.

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