Saturday, March 15, 2008

One last (?) attempt to install awn-extras in FreeBSD

As I mentioned yesterday, there was a difference between the awn package in ArchLinux and FreeBSD that may have been the reason for my failure to cinfigure awn-extras in FBSD.
This was the presence in the Arch package of and "extras" folder.
So, I tar-zipped this folder to make a file out of it (see here for how to do this).
Then I untarzipped this in the awn package.
However, it still failed to configure.
Then I finally attempted using awn-extras-applets-0.2.6 (rather than 0.2.4 which I had been using). But this, too, failed to configure, always for the very same reason -- awn package not found.
At this stage I'm going to give up. If I get some inspriration or more knowledge/insights about what's going on, I might try it again.
In any event, it can hardly be called urgent.

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