Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Creating a /home partition in Foresight

Due to some oversight (or perhaps a cock-up), I installed Foresight 2.0 without a separate /home directory.
This is definitely not a good idea as, if you have to reinstall your OS, you'll end up losing all your configurations and settings.
So, how can you create a new /home partition without losing anything from your existing /home directory (which is on the root partition).
The two guides (first, second) explain how to do it and it's not at all complicated.
The first one, however, didn't work for me. The complicated copy command just errored out saying some part of the command was missing.
I then tried to copy the "paul" directory by tar-zipping it, moving it to the new /home directory (on /dev/sda11) and then extracting it.
However, this gave an unrecognizable /home/paul directory and it refused to boot.
Luckily, I still had the old /home under a different name and was easily able to recover.
Then I tried the second method which is actually quite a bit less complicated and this wroked perfectly, first time -- no problems.

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