Saturday, April 26, 2008

eyeOS 1.6

A new version of eyeOS came out yesterday and, of course, I tried it out.
This is a very nice, smartened up and streamlined version of this useful on-line Desktop.
From what I've seen so far, there's not a lot very different but the eyereader (rss feeds) now works perfectly. Indeed, this is a very nice compact reader that I wouldn't mind having in Ubuntu.
A problem, however, is that you need to know the site rss address to add a new feed. For some reason, these addresses are not easy to get. I managed to stumble upon those for Lifehacker and Hotlist by googling around.
Actually, I must post about this as there must be something I'm missing here.
Another significant difference is that, although I haven't deleted any of my 50 MB of music files I had uploaded to the server, my disk usage (which was at 52%) is now at a much more pleasing 5%.
As I haven't seen anything in the forums mentioned about this, I can't explain this. However, a possible reason could be that each user now gets 1GB (instead of 100MB) of disk space.

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