Saturday, April 26, 2008

Getting .vob file to play in WinXP

I was presented with this opportunity here to get a DVD movie to play on a machine without a DVD reader.
So, what I did was:
1. Copy the .vob file to my laptop (208MB)
2. p7zip the .vob to a .7z file (124 MB)
3. Use Lycos mail to the WinXP computer (about 30 mins upload)
4. Extract the .7z to get the .vob on the WinXP machine
5. Convert the .vob to a .avi file using this tutorial (in Portuguese)

Now at the stage, the resulting .avi file played fine in Windows Media Player but the sound was completely distorted. Another problem is that the 208MB .vob file had turned into a whopping 7.6GB .avi (as I hadn't used any compression).

I managed to eventually get another .mp3 soundtrack onto the movie by fiddling around in Virtualdub (particularly by compressing the .mp3 sound).
However, I'm not yet finished with this project and there more to come. This guide may help.

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