Sunday, April 27, 2008

No VMware Server in Ubuntu Hardy

Well, after having successfully upgraded Ubuntu on my Mac to Hardy yesterday without any serious issues, I found to day that my VMware Server doesn't work.
Others have the same problem and no solution seems to be available other than trying something else (like Virtualbox or Qemu) for virtualisation.
My biggest problem is that I want to run Haiku (or Senryu as it now seems to be called). In addition I have some further VMs in WinXP, Kurumin and Syllable.
To see what the problem was with VMware Server in detail, see this thread.
I also came across this short article about a fix for a similar problem with VMware Server 6-7 months ago, but this fix did absolutely nothing for me. Note tht what this guy refers to as directory vmware-server-console is actually just called vmware in my system.
I posted to both VMware Community forums and Haiku forums on this problem but have received no replies so far.
Also, I did install Virtualbox but found that I couldn't get Haiku to run here (although my attempt was pretty half-baked).
Perhaps the next step is to install Qemu which seems to work with Haiku.

Edit (26-04-08): Just tried re0-installing VMware Server from a fresh download but get exactly the same "Execution aborted error". So, it looks like Qemu, here I come.

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