Wednesday, April 23, 2008

eyeOS from Public Server

Up to now I've been fiddling around with eyeOS 1.5 using apache2/php5 (and lately xampp) which results in eyeOS being accessible through http://localhost.
This is fine if you want to set up your own private server but it's so much more simple to use the eyeOS public server.
This is available at
One problem is, though, that it's not available in Opera (login box doesn't open) but only Firefox (I later got it to work on Internet Explorer on another computer).
This is very nice as it means that you can have your favourite docs, music, videos, photos and apps available anywhere there's an internet connection.

Some observations:
1. I was able to upload a music file of 9.3 MB but not one of 23 MB. So, the upload size limit is between these two figures. Note that, as opposed to having your own private server, php.ini is not accessible in the public server so you can't change these limits.
2. From what I can see, the space available for your eyeOS stuff is 100MB which is really way too small. There's bound to be ways to make this bigger (without paying, I mean)
3. On Luiz Carlos's computer (WinXP), I was able to get into my eyeOS and look at a photo I had uploaded earlier. However, the eyeMp3 player didn't work in WinXP (could it be a flash player problem?)

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