Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Foresight 2.0.1 now running on MacBook

Got Foresight up and running on my MacBook today and nearly everything is working fine. These include Opera (but only 9.27, 9.50 Beta gave the same error as I saw on desktop), Fusion-Icon, Madwifi (used exactly the same guide as I used on Ubuntu Hardy yesterday), AWN (and now AWN-Extras are available through conary (as a =@fl:2=qa).
The only thing I couldn't get working fully was Yakuake. This is because the qdbus command that i need to open the yakauke terminal in order to configure it to open when the mouse pointer hits the top screen edge, doesn't work here.
I know I had this problem before and got out of it but I just can't remember how and, for once, i forgot to write down what I did.
Not only that but there are very few references to qdbus available on Google so I can't find out what I need to do.
Nevertheless, qdbus does work in Ubuntu Gutsy on the desktop although I've never used it before and certainly haven't downloaded anything particular for it.

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