Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ubuntu Hardy back on MacBook

Because I lost my HDD, I'm now in the process of getting all of my Linux OSes back on my MacBook.
Today I got Ubuntu Hardy installed and it seems to be working fine.
Had a small amount of trouble getting wifi back but using this guide everything worked fine.
There's a useful thread on the same topic here which might be worth a read should there be any further problems.
Note that this time I installed Hardy from the install CD whereas before I had always upgraded from Gutsy direct from the internet.
Another small problem is that hardy comes with no Emerald themes. They're supposed to be downloadable from here but that site won't open for me up to now. Hope it's just a temporary problem.
Whereas, in the two versions of Hardy I got by upgrading from Gutsy, the boot breaks out of GUI to read the files necessary to boot, when loaded from the install disk, the GUI remains throughout the boot.
Another point worth mentioning is that two versions of Yakuake are available in the Hardy repos (2.8.0 and 2.9.1, this latter it calls Yakuake-kde4).
Well, given that version 2.9.1 is what that developer guy told me was the ideal version of Yakuake, so I tried it. Even though it seemed to install fine, it just wouldn't open for me. On the other hand 2.8 works fine.
Not sure what is the problem with 2.9.1 and I might post on the forum about this.
Also worthy of mention is a slight difficulty I had getting the Emerald themes to actually work. Everything is explained in this guide.

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