Sunday, May 25, 2008

Tried out UltimateDefrag in WinXP

One of the reasons I'm so glad to not use Windows anymore is that I don't have to be worried about defragging, virus scanning and looking out for spyware.
Nevertheless, I still have WinXP on my desktop and I have a WinXP VM in VMware Server under Ubuntu on the desktop as well.
I'd like to just keep my hand in with Windows principally because as I never know where I'm going to be and maybe the only computer available only has Windows on it.
So, I tried out this new defragger which I've already mentioned on my other blog.
well, it's fast and gives a lot more detailed fragmentation information that the Windows defragger.
It reduced from over 1000 fragmented files to just 6 in about 10 minutes which seems a lot faster than Windows would do it.
Plus it shows the files in their various states (fragmented, contiguous, compressed moving etc) and just where they are on the HD.
A problem here, however, is that my HD is heavily partitioned and it represents the C: drive (where Windows XOP is) as being the one and only partition present. Therefore, moving the most frequently sued data files to the faster outside tracks probably isn't going to make a huge difference (if anybody thinks this is wrong, please post).
Nevertheless, I used the Auto defrag option where I chose to have the 16% most heavily used data files placed on the outer tracks and the rest placed on the inner tracks. This took about 40 minutes and it was at least interesting to see the files being moved around on the drive.
Can't say that I've checked to see if Windows is any faster after this and not sure if I really care as I simply never use Windows these days.

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