Sunday, May 11, 2008

Trouble installing Opera after re-install of Foresight

First problem I had related to efforts to install Opera 9.50 B2. Whether I tried this by using the latest build (as a tar.gz and then ./ on the extracted folder) or by using "sudo conary update opera", I get this error:

The following dependencies could not be resolved:
soname: ELF32/ GLIBCPP_3.2 SysV x86)

Then I tried Opera 9.27 (also as a tar.gz and installed the same way). However, although this installed without problem and I could get it running (without error from a terminal) nothing actually showed on the screen.
So, then I deleted all files/folders called either opera or .opera and reinstalled Opera 9.27 and now it worked.
Not sure exactly why my earlier profile was causing a problem but apparently it was.
No answer to the 9.50 dependency problem yet, though.
These's a useful thread here about just this type of problem in Opera.

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