Saturday, July 12, 2008

Spideroak backup service for Linux

I blogged about this a few days ago on the other blog.
Today I tried it out.
I wanted to install it in Foresight but this didn't succeed. The download comes only as a .deb file. So I aliened this to a .tgz. Then I copied it to the / directory of the Foresight install, untarred it and then tried ./ (which seemed to be the only "install"-looking file in the INSTALL directory.
However, this errored out pretty quickly complaining about no apt command being available.
So, looks like it's out of the question for Foresight for the moment.
Then I installed it in Ubuntu which went very smoothly. Configuration is straightforward, too.
Then I uploaded some stuff (7 MB of photos) which took about 4 minutes (30 kB/s upload). Then after configuring the Share facility (also very easy) I was able to open Foresight on the other computer and login to shares, add the room number and immediately up came the photos in thumbnails with a easy download capability.
Very nice. I can see myself using this a lot particularly when I go abroad.

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