Thursday, July 10, 2008

Trying the Giver package in Foresight

It was my intention today to try the newly packaged Giver in Foresight 2.0.3
As a first step, I tried to uninstall all the dependency stuff I had to install as indicated in my guide a few posts below this.
However, once again, I got Package Kit's now famous problem with erasing dependencies for some toher stuff. As usual in these circumstances it refused to proceed which means I couldn't uninstall almost anything. I think actually the only package I was able to erase was monodevelop which may actually mean that Giver doesn't use this one at all (I only selected it based on gut-feeling rather than anything more scientific).
In any event, I installed the Giver-qa package and Giver worked perfectly afterwards.
However, can't say if it worked well simply because a lot of the stuff it needs was simply not uninstalled.
To do a real test, I'll have to try it on a freshly installed Foresight.
Because of the problems I'm having with Foresight update, it's highly possible I'll have to clean install Foresight soon so I'll try it out there.

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