Thursday, July 10, 2008

Update problems in Foresight.

Well, I was able to completely eliminate my failure-to-update problem in Foresight by re-installing but without re-formatting /home.
This went perfectly, although, as I've said in an earlier post, getting back to where I was takes another 2-2.5 hours.

The main items included in the "recovery" phase are:
1. sudo conary update all
2. sudo conary update group-codecs
3. Install latest Opera (I like to d/l as .tgz, extract and then ./ as root
4. Now the big one; allow at least an hour for this
sudo conary update group-gnome-dist-devel
5. Get nVidia driver (96.43.05) + patch for 2.6.25 kernels as described here.
Note that the command line which has to be manually entered in TTy1 is:
sh /path/to/ \ --apply-patch NVIDIA_kernel-96.43.05-2290218.diff.txt
Note carefully that in the section of this command "\ --apply" there are TWO spaces between \ and -.
6. Install fusion-icon and tasque from conary
7. Install yakuake 2.8.1 as described here.

I'm coming to believe that my frequent update problems in Foresight are entirely due to some of the weird things I like to install.
Up to now we've had update problems because
i) I made /etc/resolv.conf immutable
ii) Yakuake in the way I had installed it previously (very sloppy)

Now this weeks problems may well be due to the sloppy way I installed Giver. Therefore my problems seem to all the fault of my unstructured, impatient hacking.

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