Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex (Alpha3)

Despite yesterday's problems and scares, I eventually got Intrepid Ibex working on my MacBook. For an Alpha it works pretty well although there are a few problems. Most notable is the fact that the boot sometimes doesn't lead to a visible screen -- no, just black but with sound. A reboot has always brought back the screen for me (I should check the logs to see what went wrong here).
Practically everything from my Hardy /home works fine -- no problems.
Another(relatively minor) difficulty is that the ShutDown icon I added to the Gnome panel actually is really a LogOut icon and brings you to the LogIn screen. However, here you can Reboot from the Options.
Can't say that I've noticed any major differences from Hardy other than the chocolate brown theme in the windows. So, far everything works well and even got wireless working first time (used this guide).

The only serious problem I had in this alpha3 version of II, was that there was no sound. So I googled around and found this solution here.
This simply involved this cli steps
sudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist
and then add
blacklist snd_pcsp
to the bottom of the existing list.
Worked like a charm

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