Monday, December 29, 2008

Airset -- trying it out

I wrote just a little about this shareable web computer yesterday here and today I gave it a minor try-out.
What I found, in brief, was:

1. Airset doesn't like Opera although it seems you can still "look" at stuff in Opera but just not (very easily, anyway) add new stuff.
2. Works great in Firefox 3 in Ubuntu (on Dell) and in Safari on MacBook OS X.
3. Major problems, though, in getting it to work right in Ubuntu on my EeePC 901. Problem seemed to be with Java. don't know if the problem is because of the way Java is installed on the EeePC or some peculiarity of the EeePC 901. have to look into this.

Given that AirSet can easily be viewed and added to by whomever you choose, and can be opened by yourself wherever you are and on whatever computer (except maybe the EeePC), this looks a very interesting little app -- and it's free!
However, still haven't found out how much free storage is allowed.

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