Sunday, December 28, 2008

Senryu Desktop issues

Senryu (or really, Haiku) is a potentially very powerful OS. Unix-based, but currently only in pre-alpha, it is being very actively developed for Desktop usage and shows some very interesting features in addition to being astonishingly fast (boots fully on my EeePC 901 in just 12 seconds). Have a look at this video to get an idea of what it can do even at this very early stage of its development.
I asked a few questions on this forum (posts of 27-28/12/2008) to try and tidy up my Desktop.
Just to summarise what I've learned to date:

1. To add Firefox to LaunchBox, open the Home Desktop folder, then open Network>>Firefox folders. Now drag the firefox (not firefox.bin) to the LaunchBox dock. Now it's available there as a launcher. Unfortunately, it's not persistent and you have to drag it back to LaunchBox after every boot.
2. I wanted to autostart LaunchBox so I didn't have to manually open it on every boot. I understood from the forum that this was just a matter of linking the app (in this case, LaunchBox) to the /boot/home/config/be/Desktop Applets/Startup/ folder (exactly like ~/.kde/Autostart in KDE Linux).
Unfortunately, although the link went into the ~/config/be/Desktop Applets/Startup/ folder, it didn't autostart. Nevertheless, if I clicked on this link, LaunchBox opened immediately. On the other hand, looking at this link in Ubuntu showed it to be considered by Ubuntu to be a broken link. Don't understand what's going on here but have posted to the forum.

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