Thursday, December 25, 2008

Wifi in DSL 4.4.12 on EeePC

Even though my post to the DSL forum yielded not a single reply, I did get an absolutely superb response from a guy in the EeePC-Users forum. Indeed, he basically built the driver for me and instructed me how to install it.
What more could you want? If only all of my requests for assistance received this type of reply.
Remember that a major problem of mine was that I had no Internet connection at all (neither wifi nor Ethernet) to DSL 4.4.12 on the EeePC so here are the steps involved (all steps from step 2 on are done as root):

1. Download the rt2860.dsl file (not sure how long this will be available here) in another OS with Internet
2. Move this file to / directory in the DSL 4.4.12 partition
3. Rename to rt2860.tgv (

# mv rt2860.dsl rt2860.tgv
4. Extract with
tar -zxvf rt2860.tgv

depmod -a

modprobe rt2860sta

At this point, iwconfig showed that my RaLink card was recognized but still no connection was made. So needed a few more steps which I basically got from the MadWifi howto:
ifconfig ra0 up

iwconfig ra0 key xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

iwconfig ra0 key open

iwconfig ra0 essid "xxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

ifconfig ra0 netmask

route add default gw

Now I could ping and browse in Firefox.
Unfortunately, at present, still have to go through the same elaborate procedure to get a wifi connection after every boot despite having put rt2860sta into /etc/modules.
This will have to be investigated.
I tried the same driver on DSL-N but of course it didn't work as the driver is for a 2.4.31 kernel while DSL-N has a 2.6.12 kernel. So, I'm still on the look-out for a driver for this latter.
Additionally, I don't have an Ethernet driver for either OS.

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