Monday, December 22, 2008

DSL install on EeeP HD

Actually, this seems unnecessarily complicated but I got it to work with both DSL-4.4.12 (and earlier with DSL 3.4) and also with the larger (and with a more modern 2.6.12 kernel) DSL-N 01RC4.
Here are the steps involved:
1. Download iso from here.
2. Make a LiveUSB with Unetbootin (this takes less than 2 minutes if the pre-download the iso.)
3. Boot into DSL on the usb-key
4. Assuming you have a pre-prepared partition ready to be installed to, just do

sudo -u dsl-hdinstall

in a terminal.
5. For some strange reason the equivalents of vmlinuz and initrd.gz don't get copied to the HD installed DSL so you have to copy from /isolinux on the LiveUSB to /boot on the HD install the following files:
For DSL linux24 and minirt24.gz
For DSL-N linux and minirt.gz
6. Go to a grub prompt and setup Grub to the partition where you have installed DSL
>find /boot/grub/stage1
>root (hd1,7)
>setup (hd1,7)

7. Now add this stanza to the MBR /boot/grub/menu.lst
title DSL 4.4.12
root (hd1,7)
chainloader +1

Nevertheless, I still have made no progress with getting a network connection on either of these installs. I had thought that the 2.6 12 kernel in DSL-N would certainly have the appropriate drivers for the EeePC but no.
Also, some forum posted have remained unanswered till now.

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