Sunday, December 21, 2008

Is this my final attempt to put Syllable on the EeePC?

I had very easily used the qemu command

sudo qemu -hda /dev/sdb1 -m 128 -cdrom /dev/scd0 -boot d

to both format my usb-flash-drive to afs and install Syllable 0.6.6 on the key.
Or so I thought. Certainly, no error messages were obtained.
However, when I did "find /boot/grub/stage1" in Grub, the usb-key did not show up and it would not boot from the EeePC.
So, don't know what went wrong here.
Therefore, it looks like my adventures in the world of Syllable are coming to a close. I learnt a little but can't claim to be overly impressed with Syllable as a OS (not compared to Haiku, at least) or to the Syllable organization. This latter seems very limited and I don't sense the same high-level team of enthusiastic developers very willing to encourage newcomers to join in.
Another downside is that no Internet is available in Syllable on the EeePC.
In particular my efforts to copy the QEmu route to installing Syllable on a EeePC were only reluctantly (or so it seemed to me) assisted and in the end were brushed off by claims that the guy who did this was a "busy man". The guy himself responded to my PM by saying that he couldn't remember exactly what he had done. For Christ's sake, didn't anybody bother to do what he had done and make a howto out of it?

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